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Owners of blogs and news sites media are separated into 2 types: the first desire to make money through online publication, the other want to discuss their experiences, tell regarding impressions or provide useful/interesting information.  among us mod menu pc

It isn't so crucial in what category you thought about yourself, it's difficult to argue with the truth that for the full-featured blog or news online publication you require resources: you have to regularly extend the hosting and domain name. (And also pay copywriters, designers, developers, in the event you work inside of a team, and you will have a smaller project).

So, you want to make your own online publication or plan to produce a blog as a spare time activity and platform to share with you your
ideas, or just as a tiny part-time - in these components they OF ALPHA Systems will mention 5 approaches to monetize a news portal or blog on 1C-Bitrix.

1. Google AdSense and REX ads: pay-per-click (PPC)


Several revenue parts of companies for instance Yandex and Yahoo is PPC advertising, through Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the easiest and many understandable form of monetization for your news portal or blog, where users of a commercial platform create ads and pay every time someone clicks their ad. Online resources an internet site . that publishes ads from advertisers receives money each and every time people to his site click on an ad.

How does the system work?

Advertisers advertise on his or her goods and services, for instance Google's AdWords. Through Google's ad network, advertisers'ads are displayed on different platforms and sites. Advertisers pay only to discover an advertisement every time they simply click an advertisement and go a great advertiser's website; news portals and blogs that advertise online receive money every time visitors their site click on an ad.

PPC is an easy way earn money with a news or thematic blog. You can show ads from the Google or Yandex ad network on your website and get compensated for the content you provide on your audience. To set ads on your web blog, you need to connect your web blog to Google AdSense or RZY. Before are applying, you need to guarantee that your news portal or blog has enough unique and interesting content. Once you're linked with your ad network, you should put a commercial code on your website. Unless you know where and how to make it happen, you can use our technical support.


An easy way organize passive income. Once you post ad codes on your own news portal or blog, you'll not need to do anything else. Ads will be demonstrated to website visitors to your site.


If nobody clicks on the ads, you'll not find the money. You are unable to make a ton of money just with ppc advertising.

Many popular news outlets make decent money by broadcasting ppc ads, but to acquire a respectable amount, your web site should have a major number of visitors. In addition, never ignore AdBlock. According to statistics, about 25 % of users around the Internet use ad blockers, which means you as the master of the edition will receive a quarter less than you could. Here reach the assistance of alternative methods to monetize the web edition or blog.

See what it is implemented on the Media demo - a ready-made news portal on 1C-Bitrix

2. Google AdSense search: advertising in search results

What is the lot of useful content on your blog? Do people often use your web site search to uncover specific material? To help you to turn your focus to replacing your family search bar by using a Google AdSense search bar.

Why would you accomplish that? Say an end user hopes to find specific material from a online publication or blog. It dials looking for the site, Google AdSense searches anyone's results, and as well shows ads from AdSense. Thus, the user receives a response to his question, in addition to relevant offers from the Google advertising network. To show ads within the search results page, you must connect the search form to your AdSense account.

The way to connect specific search terms from AdSense for a news portal or blog:

  • Logon on your Google account

  • Say hello to the URL of one's blog/website

  • Find the search language and supply the name to the various search engines

  • Click "Create."

  • Click "Obtain the code."

  • We copy the code and insert it to your site.

  • From the menu within the advertising office choose yahoo search, which you want to monetize

  • We activate the monetization with the search engine.


If users often search your web site, you'll have more opportunities to generate money by streaming ads from Google's ad networks.


If the competitor is advertised in AdWords, their ads may come in google search on your web site considering that the email address details are broadcast to relevant ads. So that you can lose a customer. Therefore, if informed website, never recommend like this to monetize your web project.

3. Native advertising


Among the finest ways to earn money by selling advertising comes from a user's point of view. All you should do will be to prepare materials with partners, relevant and interesting to the audience, in which you will look at the services in the partner company, after which receive a monetary reward for it.

If you still need a online publication, you'll need to manufacture a media kit, the place you will provide partner companies with offers to create in your website or blog. To as be banners on your website, a package of affiliate materials or premium accommodation. Some companies may ask for a certain number of articles a month, or ask for an organization ad on the website.

The main benefit of such type of monetization is perhaps you can set your price on your services. And in case you are offering accommodation for 3, 6, 12 months, you should be able to design your your small business plan and know the amount of you can earn within a year.

You can even make money if you add your partner's contacts within the email newsletter or on social media. However, do not neglect the trust of one's readers: it is advisable to write reliable reviews and materials about products, because there is a likelihood of losing users. Just because a partner company buys placements on your website does not you must praise some and services.

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